What is a free consultation? Why do we offer one to all new clients?

What is a free consultation? Why do we offer one to all new clients?

Many people may ask why invest time in a potential client before we have received a penny? Our aim whilst establishing and continuing to grow Atkinson Accounts, was to help small businesses without the astronomical price tag usually attached to an accountant’s time.

Here at Atkinson Accounts, we understand that a crucial part of running a successful business is finding the right accountant. The right accountant for one business is not necessarily right for another and a number of factors can influence this.

What should I look for when appointing a new accountant?

  • Accountant’s can offer a wide range of services, from intricate inheritance tax advice to standard company accounts and the associated tax planning. It is important you consider what it is you need in order to get the most suited accountant.
  • You should look for a team who understand your business and its individual circumstances. Whilst we do not expect to be able to start fixing kitchen sinks after a consultation with a plumber, nor do we claim to be able to do a perfect curly blow dry after a sit down with a hairdresser. We need to understand how you run your business; in terms of how you receive money, what expenses the business has and the frequency of this. This also helps us when tax planning – getting the best possible out of your individual circumstances

We always recommend that potential clients ‘shop around’ before committing to us. There is a wide range on offer and we believe you should find the right fit for you. We are confident enough in our own expertise and experience to suggest this.

So, what can you expect from your free consultation?

  • We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to meetings with our clients. Your initial consultation will simply be a conversation between you and one of our team to find out a little bit more about you and your business. We will find out your circumstances and offer some suggestions and straightforward advice of how we could start with saving your business money.
  • There is a wide range you could be requiring from your initial consultation, and with services thereafter. This conversation will give you a chance to ask us any crucial accounting or taxation questions to see how we can best help you and your business. Think of it as an opportunity to pick our brains – free of charge.
  • The initial, free consultation is also a chance for you to get a feel of the Atkinson Accounts team. In order for us to get the most from our working relationship, we will need to work successfully together. This is your chance to interview us.
  • We offer our services nationwide and so if you cannot make it to our offices we offer a free telephone consultation. Please contact us here to book yours.

Why do we offer a free consultation?

  • We perceive a conversation with any potential client as the opportunity to show you that there is a friendly and engaging human behind our skillset and experience. We understand your business and know how we can help. This is particularly important when offering our services nationwide.
  • At Atkinson Accounts we look forward to each initial consultation with anticipation. We appreciate each meeting as a new opportunity. An interesting factor of our job is that it allows us to converse with a wide range of diverse clients – we like to keep this list growing!
  • We pride ourselves on our razor-sharp knowledge, gained over 30+ years of experience. Initial consultations also assist us in keeping our knowledge up to date.
  • The most significant factor for us when deciding to offer free consultations was the want to help small businesses, and those behind them. This was the main vision for E-counting when setting up, and something that we have continued to push as our main aim throughout. We understand the majority of small businesses do not have hundreds of spare pounds to be throwing at each consultation. We do not believe that this should stop your business from getting the best accountant for it. Therefore, we believe a free consultation is in a small businesses best interest.

So to book your free consultation please contact us at enquiries@atkinsonaccounts.co.uk. Alternatively, to book your free initial consultation called 01244 316449.