The Start Up

Start UpYou have decided to set up in business. You are confident that you can make a success of trading, however you are unsure as to the requirements regarding finances and administration. Recommended by a friend, you check out our website and decide to call us. You book a free initial consultation, choosing a day and time that suits you from Monday to Saturday!


Having parked behind the office, you can enjoy our relaxed and friendly welcome. After being introduced to Paul (or another of our senior staff), over a tea or coffee, you discuss your circumstances and requirements. Paul then explains the services we offer and how we are happy to flex that service to suit your needs as requirements change.

Discussion points: the business proposal; the business structure, management and ownership; funding; banking; accounting records; software package (not normally necessary at this stage); and family financial circumstances. With this knowledge Paul will then discuss tax planning and outline his thoughts in a manor that suits you, with examples. This will include as required: Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Value Added Tax (VAT), Income tax and Corporation tax.

Finally Paul will ask if he can record some contact details and outline the services he recommends and the cost thereof.

At Atkinson Accounts we want to enjoy our work to enable us to satisfy clients. We always want our clients to feel positive about their relationship with us, so there will be no pressure to sign up, however this can soon be done if desired.

That’s it! Over to you to concentrate on running a successful business without the worry of dealing with HMRC etc. – that is our bit. We will remind you when things need to be done and help each step of the way. See our testimonials for examples of results we want to achieve again.