We really value feedback from clients. When we took part in an AccoutingWEB online client survey, we scored 9.3 out of 10 when our clients were asked: how likely are you to recommend your accountant to a friend or colleague? ....and we regularly receive spontaneous comments such as those below:


Perfect explanation – thank you for your help.
Consultant, Chester
Many thanks for the explanations and especially for the good advice’ ‘once again many thanks for your assistance and guidance Paul.
Education, Cheshire
Brilliant – very simple – thank you.
Architect, Midlands
I return the accounts, most impressed by the speed with which you turned this around.
Architect, N Wales
Many thanks for all your help. Paul has been brilliant in simplifying the whole process for me.
Sound Engineer, Scotland
Many thanks for your extremely prompt service. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be dealt with this quickly and with a good outcome too.
Property owner, Cheshire
Thanks Paul, I always appreciate your thoughtful responses to my queries.
Lecturer / Author, N Wales
I like your ideas. I have to say we have been very pleased working with you over the last 19 months. You have been very responsive, prompt and professional. I am trying to put the word out there for Atkinson Accounts.
Training consultant, Cheshire
I must say that I have been extremely impressed with Atkinson Accounts and I would definitely recommend your services.
Musician, Wirral
I do thank you for all the trouble you have gone to on our behalf. It is very much appreciated.
Museum Society, Cheshire
I found your service really good. I very much appreciated being able to talk through the way the accounts were calculated and I’ll be much better placed to understand it next year.
Specialist Carpenter, Liverpool
Many thanks for all your hard work on the various accounts and tax returns. We appreciate all the thought you have given to help us reduce our costs, and you have done a great job – we are very happy with the figures!
Manufacturer, Chester
Thanks Paul you are so efficient.
Higher rate tax payer, Cheshire
Thanks for the meeting, we are very pleased with what you have found so far and the way you propose to deal with the problems we have in the accounts, plus the way you explained them to us. Though not good news we now have the confidence that with your help we will get there.
Manufacturer, N Wales
Paul you’re a hero.
Barrister, London
Thanks for all of your help; I really don’t know what I would’ve done without you. + a huge thanks to you and Sue for all of your help and support so far, it’s been truly invaluable.
IT Consultant, North West
You are a miracle worker!!!!!!!!…. No wonder I recommend you to other people!
Bookkeeper, Cheshire
Many thanks to you all for your prompt and professional attention. I shall recommend your services to anyone who asks.
HGV Driver, Wirral
I very much appreciate your help and advice with these matters, When I recommend your services I will be able to talk from experience and clients will surely pick up on enthusiasm.
IFA, Chester