The Expander

ExpanderA long standing successful client, happy with our services, contacts us to discuss expansion plans. At the client’s request Paul and a colleague attend a meeting at the client premises. Whilst Paul’s colleague discusses accounting package technicalities with the company bookkeeper, Paul meets with the owners to discuss their proposal. Whilst Paul may not have specialist knowledge of the every intricacy of this sector of business, he is able to use the knowledge he has picked up having worked with the client for many years. They have always valued the experience Paul has from working with a wide range of businesses; solutions for different businesses can often be applied in other industries / sectors.


Following the discussions we fully understand the track along which the client wishes to progress and the tax implications (possibly subject to further investigation of some points) are agreed. The actions to be undertaken by Atkinson Accounts are agreed.

As often is the case, we are pleased to alter our services to suit the needs of a client at a given time. Paul acts as a quasi-Financial Director for a few of our biggest clients. He represents them in meetings with banks, customers and suppliers as required. As a team we are sufficiently experienced to cover all client requirements with staff of a suitably experienced and cost effective skill set. If we cannot handle a specific request we will advise the client of this and recommend potential solutions.

Examples of the higher level services we offer include:

  • Non-Executive Finance Director,
  • Management Accounts,
  • Business proposals,
  • Financial forecasting,
  • Representation in meetings,
  • Long term family tax planning,
  • Workplace pensions,
  • Connections to specialist VAT, HR, ICT, contract disputes, liquidation and Inheritance Tax (IHT) advice,
  • Redundancy planning and implementation,
  • Cost reduction programmes,
  • Shareholder agreements,
  • Dispute resolution,
  • Negotiations,
  • Dealings with HMRC investigations and disputes.

We can tailor the service to suit your needs and this can easily be changed as circumstances dictate.