Luis Shickell

Liam BondJoined Atkinson Accounts in 2019 as a trainee; I am working towards becoming a Chartered Accountant; A few years ago I came to Atkinson Accounts for my work experience in school year 10; I’ve always wanted to become an Accountant.

I’m enjoying the learning environment and the dynamic style of the practice. Working on end of year accounts, Corporation Tax, VAT and personal tax for small local businesses is great as it feels “real”, compared to big “corporate” clients. The diversity of client records and numerous systems we use, makes it a constant challenge and gives me a wide base of experience.

Can’t do without: My family and friends
Love: Dressing smart
Most likely to say: Kettle’s on…anyone fancy a drink; you’ll all dehydrate without me!
Addictions: Revising for my ICAEW exams